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Albert Moody was born on 1st December 1916 in Hull. He moved to Holywell Green with his family in 1923 at the age of seven where he attended the village school. In 1931 after leaving school he found employment in the textile industry until the outbreak of War in 1939 where he served in Ceylon and India. After the War he temporarily worked for a painter in Barkisland but harboured a desire to own and run a radio shop but in 1948 he settled for a stationer’s shop and sub-postmasters duties at Holywell Green. Albert Moody was a Scout Leader in the village and was awarded the Scout Medal of Merit in 1958. His wife ‘Madge’ was in charge of the ‘Cubs’.

He was a renowned local historian and a member of the Halifax Antiquarian Society and it was from behind the post office counter that he would wax lyrical about all things local, past and present, to anyone who was willing to listen and it was from these talks and peoples willingness to listen that he realised there was enough scope and interest within the village to form a local history Society in the area.

In 1966, Albert joined a team of Archaeologists lead by Miss Aileen Watson on a dig in the 17th century cottages that stood in St Helens square in Holywell Green prior to their demolition in 1969 to make way for the bungalows that stand there today.

While digging in the foundations of one of these cottages he unearthed some shards of pottery and glass and discovered a niche in a wall believed to have once housed a religious icon of some description. He also found some marbles and a childs leather clog. In 1973 Albert led a dig in Fall Spring Wood in Stainland near to the Iron Age boundary wall.

In July 1974 Albert founded the Greater Elland Historical Society and served as its first Chairman for over 20 years. He co-wrote the ‘Elland- a town History trail’ with Albert Rinder and presented many interesting and varied talks on local history, the Shaw family and Brooklands House being his favourite topic for discussion.

Albert and Madge retired from the Post Office in 1981 and ironically they moved into one of the Bungalows built on the site of St.Helens Square. He was made a life member in 1988 the first of four to receive this accolade. He was widowed in 1993.
Albert Moody died in 1996 at the age of 79.

Tim Patterson
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