West Vale and Greetland


The following is a selection of photographs donated to the Society recently. I hope you enjoy them.



                                            Looking towards Elland                                                                                     Adelaide, West Vale       



The first Halifax tram



                          Waiting for the first Huddersfield Tram. Did they all get on?                                   Gatehead, Greetland





Lindwell, Greetland                                                             


Long Wall and Bank Bottom



Outram's Dam, Greetland (1)                                                        


Outram's Dam, Greetland (2)



The Scissors                                                                           


St. Thomas's



                                                            Tram outside the "Shears"                                                                                          West Vale (1)


West Vale (2)


West Vale (3)



Please get in touch if you spot any mistakes or want to add anything.



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