Whit Sunday Walks


Do you remember Whit Sunday Walks when St. Mary's, St. Michael's and All Saints churches combined to walk around the town on Whit Sunday. These photos were taken in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The parade would stop at various locations around town, where a hymn would be sung and a prayer said. I remember stops at the Cross, Town Hall Square, the Junction of Burley Street and Elizabeth Street outside the Newsagents (then Longbottom's) and the  top of Westgate.

I believe the Whit Walks continued until the 1960s but if you know otherwise, please let us know.

And if you know any of the people in the photos get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.




Near the bottom gate of All Saints' Church


Bottom of Elizabeth Street


Victoria Road, just above John Kaye's Garage and near the top of Brooksbank Street and New Street


Southgate, by the Town Hall Building


Again next to the Town Hall Building


Elizabeth Street


In front of the Town Hall Cinema. The film "Courage of Lassie" was released in 1946 so photo must have been taken some time after that.



Again at the junction of Huddersfield Road and Dewsbury Road


Bottom of Elizabeth Street, outside the Market Warehouse



Richard Dyson  GEHS


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