Elland Parish Magazine March 1960


Looking through the Elland Parish Magazine I noticed just how many of the businesses then advertising are no longer in existence.

 Did you know that for 6:19:6 you could buy a dress at Daintyware with over 300 inches of material around the hem. Albert Crowther was still selling distemper. I'll bet you cant get it now! Halifax Building Society was the largest in the world. Mexborough Garage was still open in Victoria Road and how many learned shorthand and typing at Mr Pitchforth's School of Commerce.

Did you ever buy "oil of almonds, syrup of violets and squills" from H Crossland, Qualified Chemist at 5 Southgate. When was the last time you ate polony as sold by A and R Gray in Southgate and who remembers that Eric Robinson was a posticheur?


Richard Dyson

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