‘The Minster’

‘Dr John Hargreaves’

The final item on the 2012 Summer Syllabus was a tour of one of Halifax’s most prized possessions, The Minster, on Monday 20th August with a good turnout from 24 of our members. The tour began at 7 pm with our guide for the evening Dr John Hargreaves of Halifax Antiquarian Society beginning his introduction in the grounds of this magnificent Grade I listed building, formerly the Parish Church of St.John The Baptist, Halifax Minster  since 23rd November 2009.

The building was completed in 1438 but parts of it date back to the 12th Century a fine example of this is a Medieval grave cover in the entrance of the South porch (above) dated 1150 and depicting a pair of ‘Cropper’s Shears’ which provides the earliest evidence for the textile industry in Calderdale.

‘ Old Tristram’ holding the Parish Alms Box. Carved in 1701.



Puritans in the 17th Century thought that stained glass imagery was an abomination so the plain leaded ‘Commonwealth Windows’ 1649-1660, were installed and paid for by Mrs Dorothy Waterhouse.


The Marigold Window




The rediscovered tombstone of Anne Lister of Shibden 1791-1840 in the Rokeby Chapel


The Reverend Peter Baldwin with John Kaye and Minster Administrator Gillian Farr

A well deserved cuppa

Served by the Mayoress of Calderdale Mrs Janet Hardy (below)


The tour was a very enjoyable event and our donations raised £120 for the Minster Fund. Vice–Chairman Mrs Maureen Odams gave thanks on behalf of the society to Dr John Hargreaves and the Minster staff for making our trip a success.

My thanks go to Dr John Hargreaves, Mrs Gillian Farr, Reverend Peter Baldwin and Mrs Maureen Odams.

Many Thanks to all the Greater Elland Historical Society Members for supporting the  Summer Syllabus in 2012.

Tim Patterson