Wednesday 13th July 2011  (In the footsteps of Albert Moody)

‘ Eaves Top Quarry ‘

On a perfect Summers evening 27 members and 2 dogs met in Stainland for an evening walk in the footsteps of our founder Mr Albert Moody on a return visit to the first ever outdoor activity by the newly formed Greater Elland Historical Society on August 6th 1974. The 2011 walk was led by Tim Patterson and the last remaining founder member and veteran of that first visit Mrs Jean Waterhouse.

The first stop was in ‘Eaves Top Quarry’ where Tim opened the proceedings by explaining a little bit about the Quarry and its Geology before paying tribute to the society’s founder Mr Albert Moody who led an archaeological dig in April 1973 near to the Iron Age boundary wall situated in the wood which would form the basis of the history group prior to its formation the following year. The party then made its way into the wood in search of the Iron Age Boundary wall and the stone carvings that were once thought to be Neolithic but were proven in later years to be the work of the Quarry men around 1896.

‘The Iron Age boundary wall’

The party stopped at the site of the ’73 dig at the Iron Age boundary wall. Jean Waterhouse talked about the large stones that make up the wall which are consistent with other similar and proven Iron Age walls.


‘The Face’ The first of the carvings was the ‘face’ that appeared a little time weathered.

‘The Lion’  We found the ‘Lion’……..thanks Su !..


‘The House’


Tim Patterson,  Jean Waterhouse and  David Glanfield.                                   Graeme Williams with Peter Holbrook and Arthur Bastide


Maureen Odams with Ann Williams                                                                      Members Peter Lewthwaite and Doreen Rothwell


                                Janice Nichols (far left) and members                                       Christine Holland, Jean Greenwood, Loraine Lodge and Fran Whitwam


Carole Kaye, John Kaye, Brenda Holbrook and Alan Odams                          At the grave of Malcolm Bradbury at the edge of the Quarry


Looking across the valley towards Greetland                                                       Into the woods                                                                                                     


Jean Waterhouse and Alison Underwood                                              Maureen Odams and David Glanfield at ‘The House’



                          John Kaye and ‘Jack’ leave the Wood                                           Graeme Williams explores the huge retaining wall at the edge of the woods’


Leaving the woods

Many thanks to everybody who came on the walk and special thanks to Jean Waterhouse for her help and knowledge and reminiscences of the 1974 trip. It was a fantastic evening walk and we found the ‘lion’ and if Albert Moody was looking down on us he would have been very proud.

Thank you
Tim Patterson


Albert Moody


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