MONDAY 4th JULY 2011



Life Members Mr Brian Hargreaves and Mr Neville Readyhough

Cut the ribbon to open the new History room at Elland library’

25 members and invited guests attended the official opening of the new History Room at Elland Library on Monday 4th July 2011 at 6pm. Society Chairman Mr Graeme Williams introduced our President Mrs Janice Nichols who opened the proceedings with a short speech in which she welcomed distinguished guests and members and conveyed the society’s thanks to everyone who helped in bringing this occasion to fruition, Jane Watkinson (Libraries Area Manager), Interface Flooring for donating the carpet tiles, The probation Service/Community Payback for painting the very high walls, Peter Holbrook and Graeme Williams for laying the floor and the Co-op, Elland for donating the wine for the opening.

Special thanks were extended to Miriam from Dobson’s for all the support they have given us over the years and also in the move to our new home and finally to Graeme Williams for all his hard work behind the scenes in bringing all the components together in countless meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations. Janice herself was warmly applauded for her work in the initial stages and during the lengthy process. Graeme then introduced Mr Gary Borrows, Calderdale’s Head of Cultural Services, to say a few words. He spoke of the uniqueness of our local towns and the need for local groups such as ours to thrive and protect the history of the area. In closing he thanked the Society for inviting him to the opening and wished us every success in the future.

Graeme asked our special guests, Life Members Brian Hargreaves and Neville Readyhough to cut the ribbon and declare the new history room open.

Members and guests enjoyed drinks and nibbles and took the opportunity to look at some of the 1000s of archive photographs of Elland past and some of the artefacts on display in the room and everybody agreed that it was a very enjoyable evening and a very pleasing conclusion to a very difficult 12 months.


President Janice Nichols and Jane Watkinson sign the agreement’                                 Jane Watkinson, Graeme Williams and Gary Borrows’



Neville Readyhough, Brian Hargreaves, Miriam from Dobson’s,                                Loraine Lodge and Founder Member Jean Waterhouse’

Gary Borrows, Brenda Holbrook, Jane Watkinson, Janice Nichols,

Graeme Williams and David Duffy.



                                  ‘Members in the Library’                                                                                                Into the History Room’



Neville Readyhough and a piece of his work’



‘The Couriers David Hanson checking out the archive’

Tim Patterson

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